Highlights from San Francisco Pride 2017

fullsizeoutput_6dA Quick Introduction to San Francisco Pride

In case you didn't know, the Pride celebration is taken very seriously by San Francisco. Home to purveyors of intersectional identities, ability-minded inclusion, and open minds, San Francisco Pride boasts millions of visitors and veterans, alike. The 2017 celebration took place on June 24-25, and it saw an estimated 1.7 million people, based off 2016's statistics. This year, the theme was "A Celebration of Diversity" with accompanying hashtags of "Resist," "Summer of Love," and "PRIDE2017."



que Bottle Team at Pride

At Pride, que Bottle made an appearance! We believe in LGBTQIA+ justice with the same vigor as environmental justice. One could argue that these two veins of thought are, indeed, intimately related. Our values encompass any and all forms of difference, and most importantly, we value action for traditionally marginalized communities -- from communities of marginalized peoples to forgotten coastlines to environmental disasters.

We saw a plethora of faces at this past weekend's celebration. Some old, some young, and all vibrant. A place known for its progressive human values, San Francisco Pride welcomed any and all forms of gender performance, lauded individual expressions, and challenged the traditional binaries so married to the older American society.


Inspiration from everyone around us

It was truly refreshing to see so many people this past weekend! As we explained the overarching mission of que Bottle, to put an end to plastic bottle usage and to shift people's lifestyles toward sustainability, our listeners grew excited. They loved the goal. And we loved their enthusiasm! We all know that, sometimes, it is difficult to keep our eyes on the "big picture," and feeling the widespread support at San Francisco Pride reminded the que Bottle Team that this goal is worthy, possible, and supported.




Thank you so much, San Francisco Pride, for "A Celebration of Diversity" this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and listened to us, and thanks for letting us take your photos!


Sydney Moss | que Bottle Team