Instructions + Quick Tips

Congrats on receiving your que Bottle! This page includes important instructions and tips that will help you enjoy using your que Bottle. We update this page regularly based on user feedback and common questions, so please make sure you read through the instructions below. We promise they are very helpful!



Give your que Bottle a deep clean before first use. que Bottle’s silicone material can take up to 450 F so the best way to clean is by boiling. Just boil your bottle without the cap in water for 15 minutes and your que Bottle will be ready to go!



que Bottle is collapsible and softer than other bottles, so please avoid any squeezing and hold the bottle neck when you tighten the cap to ensure the bottle is sealed properly with enough air to prevent any leaking.


If you have any questions, please make sure you check out our FAQ page! If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to let us know!


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