"Meddling" in Climate Change


1. Interfere in something that is not one’s concern.

Meddle in the Earth’s affairs. I know, I know — at first glance, this sounds slightly absurd. But hear me out. The vast majority of people believe that they do not single-handedly play a role in the polluting of the Earth. Those in industrialized countries feel that it is optional to clean, or not to clean, the messy trash bin that has become the planet.

We need to change that. It is everyone’s concern, especially those in the industrialized nations who have the capacity to dedicate parts of their lives to de-polluting our shores, forests, highways, and oceans.


From UCI Plastic Ocean Art Exhibit

Let’s meddle in the Earth. Let’s make it our problem. It’s not your concern? That is perfectly fine; you see, we have a word in the English language to convey an action which is inherently not-our-business.

Meddle: to interfere in something that is not one’s concern.

Meddling will benefit living organisms in the long-term perspective of the planet. Earth, though? Earth will be fine. It is us, and our descendants, that will not be.


Sydney Moss | que Bottle Team