Our Story

Our Story:

que Bottle started from a passion for both music and travel. Co-founders Jean and Kevin traveled all over the United States and the world to experience the next hot music festival, but they soon realized how much plastic waste accumulated at the venues and grounds after the shows. People were buying so many plastic bottled waters despite expensive prices and environmental harm out of convenience and a lack of suitable travel bottle alternatives. Current bottles were either too bulky to travel with or too ugly and cheaply-made, in the case of foldable plastic flasks. So they decided to solve this problem by making a bottle that would be both functional and good looking. After creating an original design and working day and night for 12 months, que Bottle was born.


Our Design:

que Bottles are the only collapsible water bottles that are functional and fashionable. Their unique spiral design compresses the bottles into half-size without compromising good looks. que Bottles can easily fit into any bag, making them perfect for traveling, outdoors, and everyday life. The food-grade silicone material makes que Bottles safe for both hot and cold beverages and also the dishwasher. que Bottles are also 100% plastic-free, enabling people to help save the environment in the most stylish way possible.


Our Journey: 

que Bottle’s claim to fame started with a Kickstarter campaign that ended with $560,000 in funding, 2800% of the original goal, making que Bottle the most backed water bottle in Kickstarter history.

Attesting to its unique and stylish design, que Bottle is also displayed and sold in the New York MoMA, one of the biggest and most prestigious modern arts museums in the world. The Golden Gate Park museums of San Francisco have also praised the design and philosophy, carrying que Bottles in their shops.


Our Values:

The que Bottle team will continue to focus on designing fashionable and eco-friendly products that improve everyday life in hopes of transforming modern habits into a culture of sustainability.


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