To celebrate Earth Month, we are growing and protecting

to help offset 50 TONS of carbon emissions!

This program is part of an initiative with The Ocean Foundation’s Blue Carbon Offset program, SeaGrass Grow, which provides companies and individuals with the means to make a positive and quantifiable impact in the fight against climate change.


SeaGrass Meadows

Provide food and habitat for 70% of juvenile marine species!

Are responsible for half the world's oxygen, by filtering CO2 in both the ocean and atmosphere.

Occupy 0.1% of the seafloor, yet are responsible for 11% of organic carbon sequestration.

Protect the coast by stabilizing marine sediments, raising the seafloor 0.04 inch (1 mm) per year.

Curious to see your impact on the environment?

The Ocean Foundation built an interactive calculator you can use to easily calculate your own carbon footprint.

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Giving Back With Your Support

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